My Ramadan Journal and Planner (Undated)


Ramadan journal and planner to stay productive during Ramadan

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My Ramadan Journal and Planner is an undated planner and journal to help Muslims remain productive during Ramadan.

It comes with the following content:

  • Page with quotes from the Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Planner for du’as you want to memorize
  • Ramadan goals checklist
  • Eid goals checklist
  • Daily planner with the following:
    • Du’a upon waking up and sleeping
    • Adhkar
    • Fasting log
    • Prayer log
    • Daily activity checklist
    • Daily goals checklist
    • Daily meal plan
    • Daily quote
    • My Du’as checklist
    • Thoughts/reflection journaling
    • Daily rate
    • More
  • End of Ramadan journal
  • Eid planner

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