A-Z Muslim Preschool Curriculum Lesson Plans and Planner


28 weeks of English and Arabic Lesson Plans with Workbooks and Activities. This preschool curriculum is for Muslim kids age 3-5. It can be used for both preschoolers and kindergartners. Number of Pages: 319 NO Images

*NOTE: Printable/Downloadable Resources ONLY

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*NOTE: Printable/Downloadable Resources ONLY

What does this package contain?

Tabs and Introduction
The package starts with printable tabs, and an introductory page which talks about the content of the curriculum package, how to use it, and how to bind it.

Lesson Plans Package
Within the lesson plans package, you will find:
Important suggestions
Curriculum Overview
Learning Bags (ideas for child independent learning)
Basic Year Supplies
30-Week Planner
28 Weeks of Lesson Plans (with three days a week worth of learning plans, one day for free learning/nature walk/library, ability to check each accomplished day, weekly snack ideas for 10 weeks, and empty space for more snack ideas.): 
Morning Rug
Activities for one letter recognition and writing a week; English (upper and lowercase) and Arabic
One number a week (1-10); English and Arabic
One color a week (10 colors); English and Arabic
One shape a week (9 shapes); English and Arabic
Reading Log Sheet
Suggested Book-list

Morning Rug Package
(Commonly known as “calendar time”): One Surah a week, one name of Allah a week, Islamic & Gregorian months of the year, days of the week in English and Arabic, seasons of the year in English, weather of the day, English and Arabic Alphabet, numbers1-10/20 in English, 1-10 in Arabic.

English Workbook
With activities for each day of the planned week

Arabic workbook
With activities for each day of the planned week

Extra Activities 
35 different activities in English and Arabic ranging from letter/number games, puzzles, logic, object grouping and differentiation, beginning letter activities, matching, pillars of Islam matching game, and more.

Assessment Sheet
A list of what your Muslim child/student needs to know before Kindergarten

Preschool Certificate of Completion
Optional to use
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