Ramadan Card Game


A free fun and educative Ramadan card game for the whole family.

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A free fun and educative Ramadan card game for the whole family.

How to Play

  1. You will need at least 4 people to form 2 pairs of team (you can probably make it work with 2).

  2. One person from a team chooses 6 cards randomly (you can decide to change the rule to more cards if you wish).

  3. The person looks at one card at a time, pays attention to the word written on it and tried to explain what the word is to his/her team member without mentioning the word, making obvious sounds, giving definitions in another language or making sign language.

  4. The other member must shout out the correct word. Failure from doing so would mean a lost point.

  5. Before each team starts, a 30-second timer must be on to limit the time for each word guessing.

  6. A person from the other team or someone else may keep count of the time using a sand timer or any other timer.

  7. The score of each correct answer must also be recorded.

  8. After finishing the six cards from the selected ones, switch to the other team. Go on until each member from every team gets a chance to play.

  9. Record scores on the score sheet (laminate it for durability and to use it multiple times).

  10. Calculate the final correct answers from each team and announce the winner.


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