Kindergarten Arabic Curriculum


An Arabic curriculum for Kindergarten

*NOTE: Printable/Downloadable Resources ONLY

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*NOTE: Printable/Downloadable Resources ONLY


  1. Alphabet (2 types)
  2. Numbers
  3. Shapes
  4. Colors
  5. Beginning Words Vocabulary
  6. Word-Family Videos
  7. Story Book Videos
  8. Weekly Planner

Important Notes

  • The focus of this curriculum is to expose learners to more vocabularies and improve their spoken language
  • Reading and writing is NOT part of this curriculum, however, you may use the alphabet pages and have your learner trace the letters to practice writing (after laminating)
  • You can help your child more if you know or learn how to read Arabic (even if you don’t speak Arabic)
  • You can make a weekly schedule to make it easy for you to track everything you’re covering
  • Use the videos provided through he links as guide, but you are free to make your own topic research and use whatever video you prefer
  • The links provided are only bonus, but keep in mind that they may not always be available because they are third-party links
  • Take your time and go by the pace of your learner
  • Make learning fun


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