Visual Discrimination Pack for Critical Thinking


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Visual discrimination is needed to notice big and subtle differences. It helps people notice the color, size, position, and forms of images and objects. It also helps children with reading letters, words, and eventually sentences and stories. When teaching children how to read the alphabet letters, having the ability to differentiate similar looking letters will improve and speed up their reading journey. Some letters are very similar, which can cause the little ones some confusions. The same is true for numbers. So improving children’s visual discrimination skill through various activities is very important.

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*NOTE: Printable/Downloadable Resources ONLY

What does the pack content?

  1. 4 Levels of visual discrimination cards, 23 in total; levels get a bit more challenging as you progress
  2. 1 matching mat
  3. 4 puzzles
  4. Total number of pages: 15

Items You Will Need to Prepare Them:

  1. Printer
  2. A4 card stocks
  3. Pair of scissors
  4. Laminator + laminating pouches
  5. Self adhesive laminating pouches or clear tape
  6. Hole puncher
  7. A binder ring

a) How to Arrange the Visual Discrimination Cards:

  • Print the card pages (including the ‘level’ indicating cards) on A4 card stock
  • Cut the cards out and gather each page with its level (consecutively)
  • Laminate and cut them out
  • Make a hole on each corner with a hole puncher
  • Gather them by putting a binder ring through the holes

b) How to Arrange the Matching Mat:

  • Print both pages on A4 card stocks
  • Cut out each item on only one of the two pages following the black lines
  • Laminate the objects and the mat
  • Cut out the objects

c) How to Arrange the Puzzles:

  • Print both pages on A4 card stocks
  • Laminate them using self adhesive laminating pouches or clear tape
  • Cut out the puzzle pieces following the lines

How to Use/Play:

  1. Visual Discrimination Cards: Start with level one. Ask the child to identify the object that is different. After mastering that, ask him/her what makes it different. Move to the next level as the child progresses.
  2. Matching Mat: Ask the child to place the cards on the matching images
  3. Puzzles: This is self-explanatory

If your child is very young, you could start with the matching mat, move on to the puzzles, then the flash cards in shaa Allah.


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